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F+F Concepts

past work

F+F Concepts is a hospitality group based in Phoenix. Growing steadily for three consecutive years, owner Danny Quinn wanted to take his existing two restaurants to the next level – plus launch a third – when he reached out to my micro marketing agency. 

I led their marketing strategy and creatively directed for 18 months. 


I also personally provided the photography, videography, copy, email marketing, blog content, web design, and web development. I also led one of his concepts through a rebrand. 

Between myself and a very talented local SEO expert that I hired, we achieved the following between August 2021 and March 2023:

  • ​Doubled revenue for one of their restaurants and increased it by 56% for another within an 18-month period (those are pre-COVID numbers, by the way), as well as built the brand for their newest concept from scratch

  • Increased website traffic from 3K to over 10K in the first six months for the first two restaurants

  • Grew one monthly newsletter from 0 to over 1,000 subscribers in less than 3 months

  • Grew their other monthly newsletter from 0 to over 1,500 subscribers in less than six months

  • Both lists boasted average open rate well over 50%

  • Established a 7% website conversion rate for reservations specifically for the first two restaurants (only 10% of restaurant websites get above 6.4%)

  • Increased Google Business profile bookings by 119% for the first two restaurants

  • Overloaded the third restaurant with so much business one weekend from one of my promotions that they had to turn off their phone

You can see a tour of the website I designed and developed below, along with my favorite shots and IG Reels.


In the Appendix, you can find the original homepage I designed and developed, along with some of my favorite emails I wrote for them.