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Spec ads

Once upon a time I was a copywriter vying for the attention of hiring managers at creative agencies and tech companies. Below are some of the ways I attempted that. 

  • What started as a joke between my former creative partner and I turned into Plum: a direct-to-consumer e-commerce fashion and media company concept.


    We launch four collections a year from one of four materials depending on the season: silk, raw silk, linen, or wool. 


    All of our campaigns and content are shot on 35mm still, Polaroid, or Super 8 video film.


    Practical? Absolutely not. Beautiful? The dreamiest.


    Below are some Instagram ad specs for the launch of our first silk collection with a CTA to join the waitlist in exchange for 15% off your first order, followed by a mock Instagram feed.


    🔊 Sound on for the first two.


    Film credit: Chanelle Moreau

  • ​Unused SaaS apps cost companies millions each year.


    What's more, every time an employee signs up for a free trial of a new tool that can help them do their job faster and better (i.e. help the company grow), they leave the door open for cyber criminals.

    Torii lets companies manage their SaaS applications and secure their sensitive data in one single tool, so they don't have to sacrifice growth for security (or vice versa). 

    I created some LinkedIn ads and billboards geared towards IT teams to make them problem, solution, and brand aware.


    Beyond rhyming, I saw a lot of similarities between SaaS leaks and gas leaks. They can be hard to detect but slowly poison your business – or potentially blow it up. So I went ahead and coined the phrase for these guys. 

  • Sales is tough. And while there’s a million and one CRMs, collaboration, and project management tools out there, none of them get to the crux of the issue: Salesforce. 


    Fortunately, Scratchpad does. 


    Below are some LinkedIn ads and billboards intended for a variety of decision makers I created using their existing ad design.